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Our Approach

We want to get to know about our clients, and provide personal service and solutions.    

We are passionate about assisting our clients in creating, protecting and making the most of their wealth over their lifetime.  For some clients this may be assisting them with the short term decisions, however, our belief is that the creation of wealth occurs by ongoing management and the making of informed decisions over a lifetime. 

Our steps for ongoing management: 

Building a Strategy

Your strategy for investing is built on your personal goals – that way, we can determine what matters most to you.

Disciplined Investing

Research suggests that individual investors can often make financial decisions based on emotions – rather than logic. A disciplined approach will generally provide a better outcome.



Managing Risk

Managing the risk/return trade-off and achieving a comfortable balance is of key importance to any financial plan

Product and Structure Knowledge

Wealth 21 will help you identify the appropriate structures, platforms and investment/insurance products to suit your needs.

Long Term Monitoring

As your life changes, it is important to ensure that your investments and insurances remain appropriate.